Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Just the other day, in an online discussion on Google+, I was accused of being 'bitter and angry' by someone who was NOT a cancer person, didn't know me and was completely insensitive to the dislike by many with cancer of saying 'lost battle' when someone dies of this wretched disease.

Whilst I hate arguing on the InterwebZ (you know the old joke 'arguing on the Internet is like running in the special Olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded'). Ok bad taste and semantics aside, it's about right :o.

I felt the need to 'defend' the position of the Malignant Militia. Of COURSE I'm angry! That's the whole point! Anger GETS SHIT DONE! I have even been thanked by nurses and other cancer care workers for enlightening them to issues faced by young adult cancer people and some of the shit with which we have to deal which doesn't get addressed by oncologists or our health care teams. We also need to educate the general public that more studies which say 'smoking is bad for you' or 'cancer rates are up' are NOT helpful in the definitive search for either a 'cure' or some sort of way to stop this fecking plague from killing everyone.

Metastatic cancer survival rates are still DISMAL and it needs more research especially since it is often a more prevalent reality for young adults as we are often diagnosed too late (we're not 'supposed' to get cancer, you know :p ).

I make no apologies for calling out the cancer charities when they announce their 'progress', or being less than enthusiastic when another promising proposed cancer treatment or trial is revealed in the Science journals and websites. People are STILL DYING.

The Malignant Militia exists to make sure we don't get complacent about stupid cancer and associated research, and as I've pissed off enough people; I dare say, I think it's working ;).

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  1. and as if on cue; Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing says almost exactly what I say with regards to the current state of cancer research! :o