Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pinktober yet again

Welcome once again to ‘Pinktober’ that time of year for ‘breast cancer “awareness”. *sigh* Wherein cancer charities and multinational chemical companies (and even concrete lorries) dress in pink to help spread some kind of cloud of optimism to people that if you just are “aware”, you won’t die of stupid cancer. :/
Millions of $ £ € etc. are spent each year on research (unfortunately much of it repetitive and on animals which doesn’t often equate to humans..but I digress), we are STILL no closer to curing this shit. More conclusions that faulty genes are to blame for many cancers, or links to viruses compromising our immune systems, but has anyone thought to look beyond those conclusions and ask WHY are our genes so faulty (toxic environment!?), why can’t our immune systems fight off generally harmless viruses any more. Cancer is RISING in Young adults; it’s NOT just a disease of the old like most cancer charities would have you believe. 
The world of cancer research, medicine, pharmaceuticals does not want to admit that their so-called ‘war on cancer’ is failing miserably. On the other hand, we have a rise in ‘alternative medicine’ claiming they have all the answers whilst millions of people die at their hands too. 
Something has got to change; we can’t go on like this.
Damn cancer and damn these “awareness” campaigns; I just want me and my friends to stop dying. :( 

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